We recognize that the home has the primary responsibility for shaping children’s attitudes and behaviors about physical activity and healthy living. At CCA, we have always been interested in complimenting the home and teaching life-long skills about healthy living to your children. We’ve worked hard at fostering a healthy living school environment that promotes physical activity and healthy eating through both words and action.

This commitment to healthy living is a result of our commitment to the success of our children. From both our experiences, and research, we recognize that a healthy living school environment maximizes students’ learning potential and success, and enhances students’ social and emotional well-being. In helping students live healthy, we have committed to teaching students the skills to make healthy choices and reinforcing those through school practices

Our commitments to healthy living includes physical activity and healthy eating.

Our Commitment to Physical Activity:

  • Teaching students the importance of physical activity and the connection to healthy living
  • A morning and afternoon nutrition break
  • A morning and afternoon activity break
  • Physical Education classes
  • Intramural sport opportunities at lunch
  • School sport teams
  • Running Club – All CCA children in grades 1-8 participate in Running Club on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays for 20 minutes

Our Commitment to Healthy Eating:

  • Teaching students the importance of healthy eating and the connection to healthy living. Promoting a pattern of healthy eating over a lifetime. Reference Canada’s Food Guide
  • Scheduled Daily Nutrition Breaks before both morning and afternoon recesses. Parents are asked to only send in healthy snacks for the Daily Nutrition Breaks. Please see Canada’s Food Guide; Smart Snacking, for ideas and recommendations.
  • 20 minute lunch period. This is an opportunity for students to sit down and enjoy their lunch. If parents send their children with a “treat”, students are encouraged to enjoy their “treat” during this time with their lunch.
  • Students are encouraged to drink water regularly. Drinking water is a calorie free way of quenching your thirst. Milk, fortified soy beverages and 100% juice are also healthy options.
  • Soft drinks and beverages that contain caffeine are not permitted.
  • Food Allergies – Nut Free Facility. Parents are required not to send in any foods that may contain even a trace of nuts, or manufactured in such a facility. Teachers are required to remove any food that is suspicious.
  • Sending in Food to the Classroom – In general, we try to limit “treats” coming into CCA, primarily because of allergies and medical conditions. Please always check with your child’s teacher before preparing anything.

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