At CCA, we have always been interested in complementing the home and fostering a healthy living school environment that promotes physical activity and healthy eating through both words and action. This commitment to healthy living is a result of our commitment to the success of our children. From both our experience and research, we recognize that a healthy living school environment maximizes students’ learning potential and success, and enhances students’ social and emotional well-being. In helping students live healthy, we have committed to teaching students the skills to make healthy choices and reinforcing those through school practices.

The Ontario government  introduced a policy effective September 1, 2011 that requires all public schools to meet the requirements of the Healthy School memorandum with regards to nutrition standards for food and beverages sold in schools. More about this policy can be read at   CCA has made the decision to follow this initiative and introduce a new Hot Lunch Program that will strive to embody the principles of healthy eating as outlined in Canada’s Food Guide and implement our own healthy school program.

What does this mean for you?  We are offering a 5 day per week optional Lunch Program similar to years past, but more conscious of the above-stated policy and Canada’s Food Guide.  The lunch will meet the standards of our Provincial Health Unit requirements (which includes all four food groups with an additional serving of fruit or veggies) and will be served fresh each Tuesday and Thursday.  We will add a yummy baked cookie or square to our lunches. The menu has been developed and approved by a team of certified food handlers and will be prepared, cooked and served at CCA each day in our Health Unit-approved kitchen.   The meal will be served on paper plates with plastic ware. (Note the change from bringing in your own plate/bowl/fork from home.)

We trust this program will meet the desires of busy families, and as well help encourage healthy eating and complement what CCA stands for, nurturing the whole child.   We are excited to pioneer the way for school and families to work together towards a healthier lifestyle by modeling it in what we offer and provide our students.

All meals will be nut and seed free but may not be appropriate for all food sensitivities or allergies.   Please feel free to contact the kitchen team at  to inquire about your child’s specific need.

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