In what ways do you encourage a Christian environment?

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CCA is a Christian based school.  Christianity is integrated throughout the programming and the curriculum.  Our teachers are encouraged to share their Bible based morals, values and faith with their students. Academic lessons are often presented with an appreciation for God (i.e. science) and His creation.  Students will study and learn about the Bible during specified class times; sing songs of praise and worship both in class and during assembly and chapel times (bi-weekly), and be exposed to Christian beliefs and lessons through their texts (i.e. readers). As well, our policy for discipline is Biblically-based. Time is taken to discipline students when needed – apologies, forgiveness, understanding how one’s behaviors affect others, etc.

Most importantly, We feel that CCA encourages a Christian environment through love and caring role models.  Our staff truly cares about each of our students and each other. The environment is warm, friendly and encouraging. Our teachers love their jobs and love their students. Our parents are supportive and helpful; many volunteer during school hours, many behind the scenes, and yet understandably, some are just not able to contribute at this stage in their lives. CCA exemplifies ‘the body’ working together.