Do you feel that the children are too protected by being in a small Christian environment?

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Protected or equipped? That’s the question that really should be asked.

We strongly believe that CCA students are given many opportunities and experiences that will equip and prepare them for the ‘real world’. They are nurtured within a loving environment at CCA, that is true. However, they are still exposed to very typical  child behaviors …kids are kids, regardless. For instance, little primary aged girls need to learn to share friends and not tattle. Junior boys must learn to not be too physically aggressive on the soccer field. Everyone needs to be reminded to not be impulsive, to use their words, and all the typical things you see in kids everywhere.

We aim to protect our children from some of the cruelties of childhood. We will not tolerate disrespectful behaviors or speech, unwholesome talk or physical aggression. So, for example, children are not allowed to call each other names, push or shove.  They are expected to be polite and well-mannered. Yet with this said (and I encourage you to ask to see our discipline policy to better understand), we know that our students are children and are learning. It is expected that CCA students will misbehave typically, from time to time. The distinction with our environment is that when a child does misbehave, the situation is dealt with immediately in a positive and structured manner. Depending upon the particulars, (i.e.. type of offense and severity) parents and homeroom teachers are notified. Students are equipped with alternative solutions to their situation. Time is also given to them to equip them to be better prepared for this situation.

A caring Christian environment allows our students the freedom to express their thoughts, worries and ideas.  Our students are encouraged to solve their own problems, and to grow through circumstances. Leadership classes, classroom meetings and strong teacher-student relationships all contribute to our ‘equipping’ philosophy at CCA. Our students graduate with a strong sense of self. They are confident with who God made them to be and they have solid discernment for right and wrong. They leave CCA equipped, rather than overly protected.