17th Annual “Where’s Franktown?” – Virtual

The Where’s Franktown Run for 2021 will be different this year due to provincial restrictions in place, we are excited to be hosting a  modified virtual Where’s Franktown Run, for the whole month of May and we welcome our running community to join us on the focus on getting outside!

The “Get Outside” initiative is a response to a change in education that has been brought forth by the current focus on the health of students by fresh air supply and distancing measures during school.  Although we feel the current situation is temporary, some of these changes are positive as students are encouraged to be active, healthy and get plenty of fresh air and sunshine!

To read more about the complete scope of the “Get Outside” initiative and campus upgrades, which includes a play structure, pavilion, basketball court, and more you are encouraged to read more here.

To learn more about how you can be a partner, please click here.

Thank you for your support.

Where’s Franktown Run Routes:

Traditional run routes can be found below.


Pictures from previous races can be found below.

Photos from the 2019 race can be found at

Photos from the 2018 race can be found at

Photos from the 2017 race can be found at

Photos from the 2016 race can be found at 

Photos from the 2015 race can be found at 

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