CCA, CCHS and our Covid-19 Management Team have developed a school Reopening Guide, using multiple reopening guidelines as provided by various health, educational and transportation agencies.

 From drop-off to modified outdoor assemblies and chapel, we are working to develop an environment as close to “normal” as possible. As a community we will need to work together during this uncertain time. The Academy has always maintained a Christ-centred education and this pandemic has not changed our mission of showing God’s love in every situation. 

Students who experience sickness or mental health concerns will be cared for discretely and referred to the appropriate channels. Families will be supported in both prayer and guidance. Our loving and supporting staff will carry out modified programs with emphasis on both the physical and emotional health of our returning and new students.

The Reopening Guide addresses various aspects of day-to-day school life and the new health and safety procedures we have adopted to minimize health risks. In addition, we are relying on parents to follow all new protocols. These will be critical to our success in continuing to offer in-class learning.

Directives for management and understanding of this virus continue to evolve in a fluid manner. Our guidelines by necessity may change in time. While we’ve made every attempt to communicate clear and accurate information, we will work closely with Public Health and defer to their guidance when in doubt.

 Our goal is for students to return to school in September and to continue full-time daily attendance through to June.

God continues to do amazing things at CCA and we are excited to welcome back our students and to meet the new students and families.

It is important to acknowledge that there is not one specific measure that will prevent infections from occurring in school, but rather a bundle of infection prevention and control measures that need to be put into place to help reduce infection risks. These measures include health screening, strict hand hygiene, enhanced cleaning procedures, proper ventilation and fresh air supply, small class cohorts, modified programming to support distancing measures.

All families will be required to screen their children daily before students arrive at school and must also sign a health risk agreement form prior to attendance. We recognize that this will require extra time and attention, but it is a needed step to ensure that the school remains a safe space. Baseline health information will be requested from all families to identify pre-existing medical or health conditions that may present similar symptoms to Covid-19. Our “new normal” in school is designed to optimize learning and social development, while ensuring that health and safety of students and staff remain a top priority.

Ongoing and proactive measures will be continued and relevant updates will be communicated when necessary.  

Please email for more information.

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